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A True Love Awakening – Unleashing Your True Self to Flourish in Love, Life and Livelihood

Event Date: March 19, 2020 - March 22, 2020

Your Untrue Beliefs Don’t Have to Keep Suffocating, Sabotaging or Limiting Your Life Now You Can Wake Up to the “True You” and Be Free to Create the Love, Abundance, Happiness and Success You Intuitively Know is Yours to Have! Under the expert guidance of master teacher, licensed marriage and family therapist and New York Times Bestselling Author, Katherine Woodward Thomas, A True Love Awakening allows you to experience a wholehearted, whole-bodied awakening to who you really are—beyond any stories about yourself that were born from past traumas and that you’ve been overly-identified with!

Goddess Getaway

Location: Westin Resort & Spa – Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A vacation designed for women by women. This All-Inclusive Getaway gives women the opportunity to both relax AND transform. The 6-dqy, 7-night, retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico will include transformative inquiry, physical practices, meditations, alongside sacred ceremonies, breakout sessions, and adventurous excursions. This vacation with a purpose, is the opportunity to commune with a group of women who are up to big things! Women who have big jobs, families, passion projects, and know the benefit of spending a week nurturing themselves.

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